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Photography From Marvell Boys New Video

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So I was invited to shoot some stills at Marvell Boys new video “We Know”

The boys are pretty talented and have a style which is quite unique.

The group consist of three artists Vertex, Double S and Shocka

Its hard shooting in low light when the availible lights keep moving around,

Needless to say I had great fun though and learnt alot, The video should be released next week so look out for it on MTV!! I have seen a small edit of it and it looks like a promising video.

I managed to get a quick strobist snap of Vertex & Double S as Shocka was performing his part of the shoot


Marvell Vertex by Gary Greenham

Marvel Double S by Gary Greenham

The two images above were shot on a white background and edited later.
Original shots strobist info: Canon 580ex II shot through umbrella 1/4 power camera right

I had 2 minutes to set these shots up and took about 6 shots of each subject.

They day as a whole was real fun and I look forward to shooting these guys again

More info on the group can be found at Marvell Music Official Website

One of there older videos’s

Heres a few other shots from the day



Free Desktop Background

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As the Title say’s really, here is a desktop background availible for free

Its 1920×1080
Avalible to download HERE


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So this is my blog so I suppose I best tell you a bit about me.

 I live in the UK with my partner Kelly and we have 2 beautiful children Hayden & Lottie.

I am a self taught amateur photographer with a passion for learning. I have owned a Digital SLR since 2009 currently a Canon 40D. I am slowly learning what it takes to be a photographer and I hope to improve and always stay teachable.

I also am a keen Photoshop user. I have a interest in digital art and hope that one day other might be interested in it too!

Why start a blog?   Why not?

Over the last two years I have learnt so much by surfing the net and looking for answers, so as I improve on my skills in photography and Photoshop I thought I might share some of the knowledge.

Whats going to be in this blog?

Errrr? I’ll get back to you on that

I’m sure as time goes by I will write more here but its a start.

My New Blog

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Hi All

This is new to me so watch this space, I hope to have designs I have made and some information on photography and also some Photoshop tutorials as I go.

Watch this space!